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In this episode, I speak with Tracey Brown, US Coast Guard Veteran. 25 plus years as a physiotherapist, 10 years specializing in scar tissue therapy. Severely burned as a young child. #1 best selling Author of Rescue to Recovery: A Veteran's Story of Hidden Scars and Personal Discovery. The story of overcoming decades of undiagnosed PTSD. A United States Coast Guard Veteran, Tracey Brown wore many hats. She was a swimmer on small boats, a firefighter when needed, and an all-around boat crew member to name a few of her duties while at the USCG Group San Francisco Ca. After many years of undiagnosed PTSD, Tracey was educated as a Director of Physical Rehabilitation and has been working for over twenty years to help clients get free from physical pain. For the last decade, she has specialized in pain reduction via scar tissue therapy. ​ Highlights of the show include: ✔︎ How to know if you are suffering from PTSD ✔︎ What is the first step you should take if you live in pain ✔︎ How to handle someone who shares their pain with you ✔︎ How to turn your life from a life of pain to a life of joy and fulfillment 0

Episode Notes

Rescue to Recovery is a Veteran’s perspective of not only time service in the United States Coast Guard but more so, the years after and navigating the enigma of post-traumatic stress. This is a book written by a veteran and her personal challenges while coming to terms with and understand her inability to engage in day-to-day activities as others did. It is a reflection of work as a physiotherapist, CG missions, training, and skewed understandings of post-traumatic stress. This is not just for veterans, it is for the helpers, healers, heroes, and warriors of all walks. Those that feel the need to stay strong when everything feels like it is falling apart. 


Tracey is also co-author of the bestseller Women Who BossUp: Secrets From Women Who Are Owning Their Health and Wellness For A Lifestyle They Love which profiles women who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficulties, or inspire change through the relentless endeavor. Hailing from across the globe, diverse walks of life, and varied disciplines.

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